Life after pandemic

Hello fellow internet-nauts!

Probably it was noticed only by the internet bots that intensively annoy this space, but I’ve been away during these two years of pandemic. Reasons for this are diverse but has to do with taking care of my family (specially my dog), myself and managing some issues related to anxiety, excessive workloads and, why not, enjoying from time to time my city.

I managed to finish my PhD and publish the relevant chapters. You may be able to find the links to them in the “publications” section. I assume, thus, that I’ll be more relaxed and will try to add new posts relevant to ecological modelling, spatial statistics, computer stuff and, why not, emancipation of our digital lives. Please do comment on this space to give some ideas or anything. Of course, those bots that post p0rn, scams or any other ill-intentioned links will be banned and send to their respective chingada madre!

Thank you for reading and keep you posted,