Software Projects

I have been lucky enough to build software that has helped people to be aware of their environment.

One of my first products  but still makes me proud. the *Early Alert and Warning System for Wild Fires in Mexico and Central America*


A modular open source knowledge engine designed to import, organise, analyse and visualise big spatial ecological datasets using the power of graph theory. The engine uses a hybrid graph-relational approach to store and access information. A graph data structure uses linkage relationships to build semantic structures represented as complex data structures stored in a graph database, while tabular and geospatial data are stored in an efficient spatial relational database system.


Biospytial: spatial graph-based computing for ecological Big Data Juan M Escamilla Molgora, Luigi Sedda, Peter M Atkinson GigaScience, Volume 9, Issue 5, May 2020, giaa039,